Obtaining Assistance

Before Departure

If you need assistance for your journey, you must register your requirements with your airline. This must be done at least 36 hours before your flight, if not at the time of booking. Most airlines offer this facility online. This will ensure we are expecting you on the day.

You can also contact your tour operator or travel agent who will be able to assist you further.


Day of Travel

On the day of travel, we recommend you present yourself at the airline check-in desk within their stated guidelines (most airlines require you to check-in a minimum of 2 hours before departure). You will then be referred to the Special Assistance desk if you require further assistance from the Airport.

If you have not pre-registered your need for assistance with your airline 36 hours in advance, you may have to wait some time for assistance as priority is always given to those passengers who we are expecting. If you arrive within one hour of your flight, we cannot guarantee you being afforded assistance to reach the aircraft, and you may be unable to travel.